My Name is Hisham M. El-Tawil. I am an Egyptian engineer graduate from the Production Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering Alexandria University.
When I started this blog, I was working as a planning and control Engineer in a major steel making company in Egypt.Now I am the corporate procurement planning manager.
I am interested in Business, Politics and community activities. I hold and held several political positions in an important big liberal political party in Egypt
I don’t mind discussing sports, arts, movies and cultural activities as well.


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Eng. Hesham,
    i’m a student at Prodution Engineering Department, Alexandria University.

    I like ur page alot but i want u to write ur graduation year and as advice for current students i want u to tell us the programs which is very important in our field now to learn it. I want to be speicified in IE field isA when i become in last year.

    Here is our department forum if u want to check it out:-

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