What is a Blog ??

Nowdays, It is common to hear your friend asking your if you checked his "blog" or "weblog". You may be surprised if you hear this word for the first time . According to Wikipedia, a Blog is: A blog (or weblog) is a website in which items are posted and displayed with the newest at the top. Like other media, blogs often focus on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news. Some blogs function as online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. Since its appearance in 1995, blogging has emerged as a popular means of communication, affecting public opinion and mass media around the world. 

A blog needs a hosting service to publish it like wordpress or Jroller for example.A Blog consists of:

  • Title
  • Body (The article)
  • Comments (by weblog readers)
  • Permalink (URL for the full article if it is shown partially)
  • Post Date

Now Blogs are becoming a major non-conventional opposition force especially in the autocratic countries. Al-Jazeera TV made a program about bloggers especially in the Arab world. It shows how bloggers are expressing their ideas, thinkings through their own blogs. Bloggers feel free to condemn the governments and the leaders. One the most famous political blogs in Egypt is Alaa & Manal blog. Alaa Seif is now arrested by Egyptian police under Emergency laws because he was participating in the manifestation against the government and pro-judges. He is publishing his diary in the prison. Manal is his wife and she is helping him.

Blogs do not only express political matters. Sameh blog is concerned with managerial articles. He is even writing his blog in Arabic. His blog is useful for management students.

The majority of Bloggers in the Arab world believes their weblogs are noticed and followed by the security forces. Though, they do not care and express themselves freely. Will this freedom continue, or emergency law will sensor their blogs????


3 thoughts on “What is a Blog ??

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