Egyptian Stock Market

the Egyptian stock market is really strange. It is not based on scientific and economical standards. It is highly psychologically affected.

Egyptian small investors buy stocks for gambling and not for investing. This is not the aim of the stock market. It is mainly a market to encourage investments. It matches also the islamic trend that encourage the investment and commerce. Egyptian investors think that they MUST Gain profits. They do not consider the probability of loss. When the market goes down and they start loosing they scream. Not only they scream, but they start selling all their stocks and thus the CASE30 index goes more down !!!!!

In addition, the corruption spread all over Egypt has its reflect on the stock market.

We need a new culture. We must beleive in investing not in gambling. Loss & Profits are both valid. there is no continuous profit and no continous loss. Regulations must be strict and rules should be clear to avoid any corruption. 


One thought on “Egyptian Stock Market

  1. that’s why the Egyptian stock market is a good media for professionals who own a reasonable amount of money because the y can just do the contrary of what half educated Egyptians do.

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