Today while searching via google for some scientific definitions concerning the steel making i found a very interesting website:

The advantage of this website is that it gives you first condensed definition for the word you are looking for. In addition it gives you additional infomation from encyclopidia if it exists. in case of similar words having the same spelling or start with the same letters, the website provides you with choices in a combobox. you will find links talking about the word you are searching too

For example I was searching for a definition of the word "Scheduling"

The websites gave me many choices and i found "Scheduling Algorithm" the right word i want.

The following is a sample of the website output :

and from the Wikipedia

scheduling algorithm

In computer science, a scheduling algorithm is the method by which threads or processes are given access to system resources, usually processor time. This is usually done to effectively load balance a system. The need for a scheduling algorithm arises from the requirement for most modern system to perform multitasking, or execute more than one process at a time. Scheduling algorithms are generally only used in a time slice multiplexing kernel. The reason is that in order to effectively load balance a system the kernel must be able to forcibly suspend execution of threads in order to begin execution of the next thread.

The algorithm used may be as simple as round robin in which each process is given equal time (for instance 1 ms, usually between 1 ms and 100 ms) in a cycling list. So, process A executes for 1 ms, then process B, then process C, then back to process A.

More advanced algorithms take into account process priority, or the importance of the process. This allows some processes to use more time than other processes. It should be noted that the kernel always uses whatever resources it needs to ensure proper functioning of the system, and so can be said to have infinite priority. In SMP systems, processor affinity is considered to increase overall system performance, even if it may cause a process itself to run slower. This generally improves performance by reducing cache thrashing.

The notion of a scheduling algorithm is also used in wireless communication when the air must be shared among many stations. The simplest algorithms are Round Robin, Proportionally Fair and Maximum C/I (carrier-to-interference ratio) also known as maximum throughput. Proportionally Fair algorithm schedules



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